Blitzkrieg – “Take Your Picture” (Featuring Juggy D & Tigerstyle)

Bhangra, Canadian, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.8

This could have been one of those poorly realised attempts at a club banger that we so often see from many a rapper. That it doesn’t is a testament to: the producer, the singer, the rapper. So far, so obvious. Yes, Tigerstyle comes with a by-the-numbers dancefloor treatment, but it manages to veer away from being over-produced; Juggy D does a good job (let’s face it, he’s never really come straight out wack); most importantly, though, Blitz carries the song. That he starts of adapting Vanilla Ice could be tragic, but he references so many other songs in two verses that it’s more like a crate in a DJ’s Serato folder. It comes across as charming because Blitz clearly knows his shit, and his tongue is firmly in his cheek. Take Your Picture - Get Blitz


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