The Truth – “Sharabi” (Featuring Mentor)

Bhangra, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 7.3

Possibly one of the most consistent songs/videos to drop recently, “Sharabi” is a simple, bang-you-over-the-head dancefloor impact track. The beat finds Mentor at his urgent finest: there’s no hanging around, get on the train or get left behind. The real surprise package, however, is The Truth. He has that Flo Rida knack of knowing how to compliment a track effectively – in this case, his best bet was not to battle such a strong instrumental, but to hide behind the bouncer and throw the occasional jab. His old school Garage MC flavour works well, as does the excellent POV video, with a little surprise element at the end. The Truth can be proud of “Sharabi” as an all-round project, executed with clininical efficiency. Sharabi (feat. Mentor Beats) - EP - The Truth


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