Swami Baracus – “Break This Game”

Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, UK Asian

Score: 5.4

Winning the “Asian 8 Mile Battle” at Bombay Bronx? Check. Co-sign from top BBC Radio 1 DJ, Nihal? Check. Excellent video? Check. So just what has gone wrong? Well, “Break This Game” – the very first single from Swami Baracus – has a rock instrumental which is reminscent of Akala on his “It’s Not A Rumour” LP, but lacking the subtlety, not to mention the percussion. Don’t misunderstand, it’s a decent enough album track, but his flow swings wildly from poor to excellent, the lyrics make little impact and the chorus doesn’t work as well as it should. It’s a very disjointed effort that could have worked but, by all accounts, Baracus himself seems to have already disowned. Break This Game - Single - Swami Baracus


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