Hard Kaur – “Desi Dance” (Featuring D12)

F***ing Unclassifiable!!

Score: 3.9

Hard Kaur is the “baddest chick in the industry” – nobody is denying that. The difference is, she thinks “bad means good.” Perhaps she should have her heart stopped for 4 minutes and 5 seconds, have an out-of-body experience, watch the video for “Desi Dance” and then be resuscitated. That is, perhaps, the only way she can fully appreciate – from our point of view – just how God awful this song/video really is. That Eminem’s crew, D12, show up randomly only adds to the mystery of how this song came to existence – one which attempts to capture the entire Desi movement into a “dance” move. Weirdly enough, if you can somehow summon up the will to live, the song isn’t actually that bad once you kill off Bizarre and Hard Kaur – after 2:30 it’s bearable. Go figure.


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