Kazz Kumar – “Fashion”

Dance, Pop

Score: 4.6

Aside from learning that Kazz Kumar has “a passion for fashion” (yes, seriously), “Fashion” also cruelly exposes her as a singer who can’t sing, and a song-writer that can’t pen even one decent line. Again, after “Dirty Word” we suspected these things (though that didn’t mean it wasn’t a fun song) but here they are confirmed. It’s a shame because she clearly IS good at lots of other things: she’s cracking in this limited video, and she’s one of those blessed few that looks good in pretty much anything. She clearly does love fashion, however, too much, and this almost could be interpretated as a swansong from the music industry. We could much better imagine her on mainstream TV, doing features for high-end fashion magazines, doing anything – really well, too. But as long as she refuses to fully commit to music, we will continue to refuse to commit to her.


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