Caravan Crookz – “Scooter Singh” (Feat Ash King)

Bhangra, Hindi, Hip Hop, Parody, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 4.9

Not sure about the why, who, what, where, when or how about this. Caravan Crookz are a duo that wear balaclavas so that they can say controversial things, but we know that it’s really Swami Baracus (and some other dude). “Scooter Singh” actually has a delicately brilliant instrumental, a clever chorus and a video that must have taken 1,000 man hours to edit. But if you’re going to do a parody, and expect it to hold interest for the full-length, the verses need to be funny, biting and steeped in ironic truth. Unfortunately, it’s all just a bit distasteful and throwaway – the writing is average, the delivery sub-par. The “Senorita” breakdown is smart enough, but by that stage you might just have clicked off.


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