Sam Khan – “I Love Your Lady”

Grime, Hip Hop, Mixtape, R&B, Rap, UK

Score: 6.9

This song is starting to gain some serious traction. That’s not surprising: it has a decent video, the chorus is catchy, it has a funny cameo from Charlie Sloth and the Zaheer beat is something like an R Kelly (pre-insanity) party beat. It’s not the kind of song that is designed to withstand critical assessment. That’s lucky, because you could pick holes in it ALL DAY. The main problem is that Sam Khan (or his character) comes across as a bit of a dick. I mean, who really does that? Try and steal somebody’s girl at a house party? He’s talking about love, but treating it like lust, and it’s quite jarring. It’s OK to be a dick on record – hey, Jay-Z did it on his first 5 albums – but there’s an art to it that Sam Khan clearly hasn’t quite mastered yet. I Love Your Lady - Sam Khan & Charlie Sloth


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