Kee – “Crazy”

Dance, Hindi, House, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

Initial tangent: it must be said that Kee’s appearance on the Asian music scene is somewhat refreshing. Whilst we actively veer away from overly-cheesy statements on this site, it’s wonderful that artists are now apparently allowed to be above the age of 21, and don’t have to be airbrushed models/”singers.” Whilst it’s great to make the most of what you have – and augment the finished “product” to expand your market – the focus should always remain on the music, and people should give you a fair chance based on your talent. Kee has already aligned herself with Arjun (who we at SuperCritic think may well be destined for stardom) and “Crazy” is produced by Charles Boscoe. The song itself it pretty well sung, though the chorus is a bit underwhelming, but it has a carefree fun attitude and a kinetic energy. If we were to make insane predictions about Kee’s career, we’d bank on her being some sort of cult hero and headlining cruise ships when she’s 40. In a nice way.


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