Faze Black – “Dil Nachda”

Bhangra, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 3.4

Take one lazy rip-off of any fucking Rishi Rich beat circa ’04, a god awful R&B singer who can’t even manage to make words rhyme, and name the song something vaguely Indian… What do you get? An abomination of a “song” that makes almost no sense. This is shockingly bad stuff from Faze Black, and it shows just how low the bar has been set amongst the UK Asian music industry that “Dil Nachda” even escaped through the net. In fairness, the beat may not be original, but isn’t that bad. What ruins it all, then? Faze Black’s attempts at penning a tune, which literally means he forgoes conventional wisdom and just throws a bunch of words in a blender. Someone should have stopped this when he first sung it, and told him to go back to the drawing-board. He has a semi-decent voice but no idea what music is.


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