King Roti – “Money Cash” (Featuring Sinister & Daku)

Hip Hop, Rap

Score: 5.6

One of King Roti’s major strengths is that he seems to have an innate understanding of what rap has traditionally represented, not to mention his eagerness to experiment with different styles without passing judgment: desi, R&B, underground and now Dirty South. On “Money Cash” (presumably the edited version of “Money Cash Hoes” for any lip-readers), we have a simple video featuring two guests, Sinister and Daku. It’s not surprising that Roti – though Canadian – comes across as an American rapper, but it’s clear that he’s merely playing dress-up: not for one second would we believe he needs to “post bail” or Daku’s “triple-beam” claims. Roti’s average verse weakens the track, and Daku – who we can only think as recently gotten Botox, so little does his face move – has an otherwise solid verse undermined by the aforementioned believability issues. There is one positive that outweighs all of this: Sinister. His contribution on “Money Cash” is absolutely stellar, with one of the outright best guest verses in recent memory. Subsequently, he not only straight up walks away with the track, he rescues it and makes it memorable.


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