Charles Bosco – “Lied To Me” (featuring KadhalViruz, Arjun & Swami Baracus)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 5.9

Charles Bosco, cheekily referred to as the “Tamil Timbaland” nonetheless, has produced “Lied To Me” – a solid enough, if inoffensive R&B club track, that features an English chorus by Arjun, Tamil vocals from KadhalViruz and a rap verse from Swami Baracus. It could have been too diverse to work, but it’s just about held together by some sort of common purpose. Everyone does a decent job, but Arjun is particularly good (and that’s not the first time we’ve said that). It must be said, however, that considering it is meant to be a producer-driven track, the instrumental is actually rather bland.


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