Zaheer – “Fly Away” (featuring Arjun, Raxstar, Swami Baracus)

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 6.8

Zaheer, the up-and-coming producer behind many a recent banger, does an early Kanye West and “saves all the best beats for himself” if “Fly Away” is any indication. He recruits Arjun – the youngling of sweet R&B voice fame – and a couple of rappers on this all-too-short guitar-driven track. The chorus by Arjun is nice, the verses from Raxstar and Swami Baracus are actually pretty decent, if not attention-grabbing, but the star of the show (and rightly so) is the gorgeous beat. He knows when to apply pressure, and when to back off, and I’d defy anyone to dislike the instrumental… Zaheer does seem to hit more than he misses, and his burgeoning reputation is no fluke, clearly.


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