AG Dolla – “Pack It Up” (Featuring Sarah McLellan)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul

Score: 9.0

Cutting aside all the other issues – and by that, we mean his faintly ridiculous videos, chronic over-acting, general lack of charisma and seemingly blaming the death of Michael Jackson for his own poor album sales – AG Dolla gifts us “Pack It Up.” It is, without doubt, one of the crowning achievements in post-millenial Asian music, a defining moment in UK Asian hip hop and a damn good song. A beautiful acoustic guitar plays alongside Dolla and the creamy McLellan chorus, and AG details the minutae of being a struggling Asian artist, facing the constant stream of family pressure to “pack it up, pack it in” – something that anyone brown music industry type will be able to completely identify with. There are moments where the swim upstream will bring a tear to your eye, simply because Dolla keeps failing to “make it.” Then, it turns to hopeful joy when you come around and realise that, in creating this golden song, he already has done. A cast-iron classic. Pack It Up (feat. Sarah McLellan) - Mr. Shah


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