DJ Pinkz & Mentor – “Freedom” (Featuring Harsh)

Dance, House, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 6.8

A much improved second effort from DJ Pinkz, but strange nonetheless. Where on earth is Harsh in the video? Are we supposed to believe that Pinkz is singing with his off-tempo lip-synching? Even though we already saw Harsh in the “Money” video? Or was that imposter too? Or was Harsh abducted en route to the video shoot? Or worse?? Columbo-esque mysteries aside, the beat is vastly superior, a funky house number that might not be particularly melodic, but it works well enough. Then, we have Harsh singing about the travails of 9-5 employment, and the “Freedom” (of being locked in the boot of Pinkz’ VW, presumably). It’s a good, solid effort from Pinkz that deserves a few spins, but if you’re stuck in a boring job, it’s Harsh’s lyrics that you will really connect with. Freedom (feat. Harsh) - Single - DJ Pinkz & Mentor Beats


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