DJ Dips – “This DJ” (featuring, well, everyone)

Bhangra, Dance, Garage, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.5

An interesting effort from DJ Dips. The beat is actually a bit of a banger: short, crisp, brilliantly sampled. It features a wide array of MC’s: Rax, RKZ, Horizon and Swami Baracus. None of them really do anything special, but none of them royally fuck it up either. No, the beat is the real star here – probably as DJ Dips would have wanted. Bit of a missed opportunity, rappers-wise, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective track, with a really hot beat. It’s nice to see these collaboration tracks every now and then, too, just to bookmark what’s going on. This DJ - DJ Dips


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