Jay Sean – “Do You Remember” (Featuring Sean Paul & Lil Jon)

Dance, Pop, R&B

Score: 6.8

We here at SC are of the opinion – and it’s a VERY strong one – that Jay Sean has made a grave error, from which he will never recover. No, not hiring Lil Jon (though that runs it pretty close) but releasing “Do You Remember” as his second single in the USA. Mark our words, he will look back on it as the minute he blinked. Why? Well, after the superlative pop anthem “Down,” the absolute last thing he needed was “Down (Pt II)” – and whilst “Do You Remember” is a perfectly good song (catchy, shape-shifting and energetic), it wasn’t the right call. That Jay Sean has “Ride It” just sitting there, doing nothing, is the most criminal of wastes – if he had stuck Drake on it, and released it as a second single, it WOULD have topped the charts. Much more importantly, it would have given him depth as an artist, broken him firmly into the R&B market (because now he is pigeon-holed as “pop”) and set him up perfectly to release “D.Y.R.” as a fourth single (“War” would be the obvious third choice). You can see why he did it, but he will live to regret the day, which is a shame. Still, a perfectly good song, but a victim of circumstance. Do You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon) - Single - Jay Sean


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