DJ Pinkz & Mentor – “Money” (Featuring Harsh)

R&B, UK Asian

Who actually produced this: Pinkz or Mentor? Or did Pinkz produce it under Mentor’s umbrella name? Regardless, it doesn’t really matter. You watch the first 20 seconds, see a flash car on a song called “Money” and you think “cliche alert” of course. But once Harsh starts singing, things change. Harsh may not be the greatest vocalist, but his lyrics are good, and he counters the obvious sentiment of the song by detailing his monetary struggles, not to mention giving the almost Slick Rick-esque advice that you should go and get qualifications. Unfortunately it’s all completely undermined by a terrible beat… Guess we’ve just answered the opening question, then. Money (feat. Harsh) - EP - DJ Pinkz & Mentor Beats


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