AG Dolla – “Club Crazy”

Bhangra, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Aside from AG Dolla looking about 70 years old in comparison to the actual school kid extras and the fact that all his videos are, you know, kind of shit, “Club Crazy” is a strong song based on an accomplished instrumental by Mentor. It’s the typical UK Asian/Bhangra/Rap mashup fare, but done well – although, advisably, Dolla doesn’t actually do that much work, and lets that steamroller of a beat do the hard slog. Tangent: surely now is the time for everyone to stop talking about Rishi Rich in such legendary terms when this decade he has, without a shadow of a doubt, been completely over-shadowed by Mentor? It’s strange that Mentor hasn’t received such glowing praise – but then again, maybe he chooses to spend his time focussing on making music instead of courting it. Club Crazy - Mr. Shah


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