Sef – “Need A Hero”

Bhangra, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Sef releases this decent R&B number “Need A Hero” in two formats. First up, we have the vanilla version which features an awful AutoTune guest rap from Swiss, not to mention a pretty terrible PacMan beat. It would be almost worthless, were it not for the vocal talents of silky-smooth Sef. His voice is, indeed, just perfect for this type of number, and he takes care of his part, even if all else is crumbling around him. Need a Hero (feat. Swiss) - Need a Hero (feat. Swiss) - Single

Then, however, comes the D-Boy remix. It fortunately provides a complete – and necessary – transformation, a hero that rescues “Need A Hero” from inevitable doom. Yes, the percussion is very Rishi Rich/Mentor, but the rest cleverly expands the sound. Sef’s voice sounds pitch perfect, but it is Des-C that really ignites the track, taking it to another level. It’s a remix worthy of the lofty title “alchemy.” Need a Hero (feat Des-C and Truth) [D Boy {Desi} Mix] - Need a Hero (feat. Swiss) - Single


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