Strikey – “Midnight Mischief”

Bhangra, Dance, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 4.3

A bizarre second single from Strikey. Understandable in direction – first grab their hearts, then make them dance – “Midnight Mischief” is just poorly executed. The song itself is well thought out with a decent boy/girl chorus, but Strikey just comes across as a horny teenager that can’t believe he’s about to get laid. That he also breaks the cardinal sin of the rap game – performing in a choreographed dance routine!!! – adds further fuel to the flames, and it’s just a shame that it doesn’t work out like it probably went in his head. Strikey desperately needs to improve virtually every area of his game drastically – maybe he should take a couple of years out to apply himself, because he has some nascent talent there, as “I Remember” proved. Midnight Mischief - Midnight Mischief - EP


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