D-Boy – “Loveless” (Featuring AG Dolla & Sef)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Producer D-Boy provides a relatively simple but effective backdrop for his chosen guests to go over (accompanied by a somewhat dull video). It’s probably more something to chill out or drive to – it certainly won’t make you dance – but whilst Sef does a decent job on the smooth (though not particularly melodic) chorus, it is AG Dolla that carries the song. He’s never going to be a massive star – he doesn’t have the raw charisma or character to do that – but he’s still a talented SONG-WRITER, as opposed to just an MC that can spit a hot 16. He can take any idea and see it through from start to finish: sounds idiotically simple, right? Then why do so few other Asian MC’s commit to songs in this way? Either way, Dolla understands that the best way to make you feel him is to pepper his stories with micro-details that you can instantly identify as your own. Playback, Vol. 1 - D-Boy


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