Baby H – “Mere Naseeb Mein”

Hindi, Pop, Remix, UK Asian

Fuck Puff Daddy. Seriously, fuck him. Twat. I mean “we take hits from the 80’s” was his mission statement, and he turned it into a joke. Saying that, however, when it works, it really works. It’s an age-old formula but Baby H rips “Mere Naseeb” and chucks it on a gorgeous – and quite soulful – uptempo remix. It’s simplicity itself, something that 99 times out of 100 never sounds right, but he’s dead on nailed it. This is the cut-down version (the main edit runs well over six minutes) but, aside from the idiotic “Coyote Ugly” video, this must go down as one of the classic remixes in Hindi history. Unfortunately, you just know that it’s going to inspire a gazillion other inferior remixes, but just savour this classic for the moment. Baby H Mere Naseeb (Remix) - Various Artists


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