Daljit Mattu – “Captain Bhangra Da”


Bhangra acts frequently get tarred with the same brush, with the primary accusations being that there are approximately three different bhangra songs in circulation: tracks about alcohol, girls or the Punjab. Whether that assumption is right or wrong – hell, most people would probably assume the same about hip hop (sub in cocaince for Punjab, obviously) – it doesn’t preclude bhangra singers and the countless producers from creating many a fantastic moment. Here, Daljit’s “Captain Bhangra Da” (also known as “Captain India Da”) is given the cringe-worthy video treatment, but the song itself remains a subtle classic. “Subtle” isn’t the word that most would use to describe this, but it is one the least OTT dancefloor bangers to emerge, with generous space afforded to the instrumental – which, in itself, is compressed to within an inch of its life. It’s the kind of anthem that soars with unabashed delight, but doesn’t simultaneously do your head in, which is quite a tricky feat to achieve. A classic. The Biggest UK Bhangra Hits, Vol. 1 - Various Artists


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