Rishi Rich Project – “Dance With You (Nachna Tere Naal)” (Featuring Jay Sean & Juggy D)

Bhangra, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

An ingeniously energetic new single arrives under the umbrella name of the Rishi Rich Project. “Dance With You” features a barnstorming beat from Rich, featuring dead-on percussion, a flute sample from heaven and a bassline reminscent of The Neptunes (think N.O.R.E’s “Nothing”). Juggy D show up to add a subtle warmth and that infectious smiling delivery, but truly the star of the show is the emergence of Jay Sean. Look closely and you’ll see that, though he may not be the greatest singer in the world, the guy has STAR QUALITY to burn. He has the look, the swagger, the impeccable delivery and he nails his big chance with aplomb. Fine, the chorus isn’t the greatest but that only serves to elevate the brilliant verses. This is a surefire classic. Dance With You - Single - Rishi Rich Project


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