Panjabi MC – “Mundian To Bach Ke”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Yes, the date says 2002, but everyone knows that this song is really a gazillion years old, and we’ve heard it a gazillion times. However, Panjabi MC finally gets the shine he deserves by releasing it in full fashion, and the global impact has been earth-shattering. This is THE coming-out party, hi-jacked by everybody in every country and whilst it risks being a meme, let’s not forget the basis of its’ success: the song. It’s the true gargantuan of bhangra in the UK, initially thanks to the novelty value of sampling Busta Rhymes’s song, which in turn sampled 1980’s TV favourite “Knight Rider” – but really, that’s just the hook to lure you in. The vocals grab you by the collar. The tumbi and dhol pierce your ear, refusing to let go in an urgent clarion call. The build and release is practically like a fucking trance song. Everything just works in perfect synchronicity. Absolute classic. The Album - Panjabi MC


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